Rip - the Gutter Demons.RIP. The band is no more but after 7 years, 3 studio albums & over 250 shows there is no doubt that this band was one of the best representative of canadian Psychobilly and became one of the most recognized outfit of the genre. This hard working, DIY three piece brought their sound by playing all kind of dingy bars, venues across Canada, US and europe. There unique approach to Psychobilly music (often seen in some circles as uni-dimensional) was refreshing and deeper than most of their contemporary peers. Playing the horror cards in a more subtle way, GD always took great pride in releasing rich & well written concept albums avoiding them to fall into the generic "zombie,hotrod, pin-up" category.

The real madness happened on stage. GD were a fast & furious mean machine playing encores after encores even once clubs lights were on, no matter if there was a crowd of 10 or a 1000 people. The band leaves behind legions of loyal and devoted fans around the world for whom their genuine sound will pass the test of time.

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